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Upgrade procedure for phpBB2

Submitted by on November 1, 2007 – 11:09 am 33 Comments

The following is an example procedure for upgrading phpBB2 bulletin board software running under Linux. This procedure allows to retain forum customization.

phpBB2 Logo

  1. Download “Changed files only” package from
  2. Tar cvf and gzip the entire phpBB2 installation directory on your server. This way you can alway undo any stupid mistakes you are about to fatfinger.
  3. Disable the board: login as admin -> phpBB Administration Panel -> General Admin -> Configuration -> Disable Board: Yes -> Submit. In the Administration Panel click “Preview Forum” to make sure the forum is disabled.
  4. In the Administration Panel -> General Admin -> Backup Database -> Full Backup: Gzip compress: yes. Append current timestamp to the backup file and save it in a secure location.
  5. Gunzip the “changed files only” package and untar it into the main phpBB2 installation folder. At the bottom of the Administration Panel note the current version of your existing phpBB2 installation. Extract the corresponding *.tar file.
  6. Delete all *.tar files. Chown -R wwwrun:www (or whatever userid your Apache runs under) everything in the phpBB2 folder.
  7. In your browser open to upgrade the database. Follow the instructions on the upgrade page.
  8. Delete “install” and “contrib” folders!
  9. Log in to the Administration Panel and check version information. Your installation should be up to date.
  10. Do another backup of your database (see step #4 above). Do NOT overwrite the backup file you created in step #3. Rename it instead.
  11. Re-enable the board (reverse step #3 above) and post a test message.
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