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Searching Twitter

Submitted by on October 11, 2020 – 1:50 pm

Here are just a few hopefully useful tips for searching Twitter to get more relevant results and buy cheap twitter followers.

Twitter’s “advanced” search option is not all that fancy, but it is better than nothing. Not a lot of people use it or even know it’s there.

Here are the parameters you can specify in your search. You can combine any and all of them in your search query.

Search Parameters

from: username of the tweet’s author (no @ prefix)

to: username of the tweet’s addressee (no @ prefix)

since: search for tweets no older than this date. Use the YYYY-mm-dd format.

until: search for tweets no newer that this date. Use the YYYY-mm-dd format.

+some_word this word must be in the tweet.

-some_word this word must not be in the tweet.

+"some phrase" this phrase must be in the tweet.

-"some phrase this phrase must not be in the tweet.

A Few Examples

Find all responses to addressed to a particular user containing the word awesome. Note that the username must be entered without the @ prefix:

to:igor_os777 +awesome

Find all tweets by a user containing a phrase RHEL 8 and not containing the word SUSE:

from:igor_os777 +"RHEL 8" -SUSE

Find all tweets by a user during a particular time window. Note that it may take Twitter up to 24 hours to index tweets in a way that you can use time parameter in the search. In other words, if you are looking for something that was posted today, just skip the time specification altogether:

from:igor_os777 since:2020-07-01 until:2020-07-09

Find all tween by a user addressed to another user during a particular time window containing words google and suse and not containing the phrase novell sucks:

from:igor_os777 to:VeryMetal_dev since:2020-07-01 until:2020-07-09 +suse +google -"novell sucks"

I find the to: particularly useful to look for replies sent to me that I might have missed because, well, I suck at time management and tend to do things whenever.

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