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March 2, 2022 – 2:00 pm

Books have been written on the subject of awk and sed. Here’s a small sample of commands I put together over the years that are useful for everyday system administration tasks. Most of these tasks …

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Reviews of latest Unix and Linux software. Helpful tips for application support admins. Automating application support.


Disk partitioning, filesystems, directories, and files. Volume management, logical volumes, HA filesystems. Backups and disaster recovery.


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Cool Unix shell commands and options. Command-line tools and application. Things every Unix sysadmin needs to know.

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Awesome Shell

December 24, 2016 – 3:52 pm

An excellent collection of programs and scripts to extend your shell’s capabilities.

Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case

August 21, 2016 – 1:15 pm

A really cool mechanical keyboard case for iPad Pro by Razer. Almost makes me wanna get the iPad, just so i can get this keyboard.

A tcpdump Primer with Examples

June 10, 2016 – 11:15 am
network switch

“A tcpdump Primer with Examples”
A good overview of tcpdump functionality and syntax, complete with basic and advanced examples.

Avoiding CPU Speed Scaling

May 18, 2016 – 1:04 pm

Disabling CPU speed scaling can boost your system’s performance and responsiveness at a slightly higher power consumption. Here’s a good article explaining the process.

Top 30 Nmap Command Examples For Sys/Network Admins

May 11, 2016 – 2:39 pm

Useful nmap examples for system and network administrators.

How to: Linux Iptables block common attacks

May 10, 2016 – 2:37 pm

IPTables filters and other tricks to prevent common syn-flood and malformed packet attacks on your server.

Avoid IP Spoofing And Bad Addresses Attacks

May 9, 2016 – 2:01 pm

Spoofing and bad address attacks attemptĀ to fool the server into believingĀ packets had come from local network. Here’s a brief explanation and a useful script that uses IPTables to prevent such exploits.