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KrazyWorks is a computer services company based in Delaware. We specialize in network design and security, data storage technologies, system monitoring and capacity planning. We also offer consulting services in computer disaster recovery, HA clusters, and Linux HPC clusters. Our expertise extends to storage and backup systems, enterprise-class Unix servers, and system automation.

What we can do for you

Network design and security are our bread and butter. If your business has been suffering from slow network performance and frequent network outages – we can help you. The secret behind a fast and reliable network is not expensive equipment but good design. A well-designed network will give you performance, security, and expandability at an affordable cost.

Migrating to enterprise-class servers to meet growing customer demands is a challenge faced by businesses every day. The high cost of IT support may be a serious obstacle on this road to expansion. Ourselves running a growing company, we at KrazyWorks understand budgetary constraints and we are ready to provide you with realistic solutions. We place emphasis on performance analysis to better utilize your existing computing resources. And then we concentrate on capacity planning to ensure that your networks, storage, and servers can affordably grow along with your business for years to come.

As our perspective customer, we want you to be comfortable and confident contacting us about your computing projects. Whatever your needs are, whatever your budget is – get in touch with us. We will work with you to determine how you can benefit from our expertise.

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