Unix and Linux network configuration. Multiple network interfaces. Bridged NICs. High-availability network configurations.


Reviews of latest Unix and Linux software. Helpful tips for application support admins. Automating application support.


Disk partitioning, filesystems, directories, and files. Volume management, logical volumes, HA filesystems. Backups and disaster recovery.


Distributed server monitoring. Server performance and capacity planning. Monitoring applications, network status and user activity.

Commands & Shells

Cool Unix shell commands and options. Command-line tools and application. Things every Unix sysadmin needs to know.


  • everythingisgonnabefine says:

    If you are planning to run a program on a workstation while you are not
    logged in, what command should you be sure to use when you launch it?
    This is the Unix question.

  • NC Baller says:

    I come back to work on Monday morning and I found out that my (expensive) linux workstation and monitor are missing (physically). My first thought is that somebody has stolen them. Can I find out when was the time that the computer was disconnected from the network?

  • evil chevy says:

    i want to monitor and control client desktop from server and also limit it’s network bandwidth.

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