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Photo Fun with iPhone 4S

Submitted by on December 19, 2011 – 3:16 am 3 Comments

As an avid amateur photographer I would like to have my dSLR with me at all times. And my collection of lenses. And filters. And tripods. But even if this was possible, I don’t really want to be, say, sitting at a bar, looking like I just returned from a Serengeti safari. My iPhone will have to suffice and I’ll just have to get more creative with the photos apps to fill in for the fancy equipment.

I’ve spent who knows how many hundreds of dollars searching for the best iPhone photo apps. Sure, I can go through my iTunes billing emails for the past few years to get the exact amount. I am just afraid what I am going to find. In any case, the purpose of money is to be spent. Here I put together a small gallery of random photos made and processed by me entirely on the iPhone 4S. No Photoshop was involved at any point during the retouching process.

Some of my favorite photo apps, as you will notice, are Snapseed, Pic Grunger, Pro HDR, Artista Oil, Big Lens, Dynamic Light, Photogene 2, PS Express, and TrueHDR. The Dropbox, while not a photo app, is a great app for getting the photo from the iPhone to my PC and to this website.

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  • Samuro says:

    I currently own an iphone 4s and it’s really great i use it a lot but i guess i need something bigger to browse the internet and do some reading and videos so should i buy the ipad 3 ? i think it’s just an enlarged iphone and i wouldn’t want that. does it have any advantages over my iphone? or should i get a macbook air 13″? i don’t know i do own the latest hp laptop .

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    Well, my Sprint contract is up and I’m planning on getting a new phone. I was dead set on the HTC EVO 3D because the price had just dropped to $99.00. But then, Apple anounced the iPhone 4S for Sprint. I’m moving from my beaten-up Blackberry Tour 9630 which is a work phone, but it was better than the Katana II I’d had previously. I’m looking for a phone to have fun with and that’s top-of-the-line. 3D is NOT a factor for me. So what do you say? What’s better? The iPhone 4S or the HTC EVO 3D? Thanks in advance for any advice! P.S. $200 is really as high as I’m looking to go, so that’d be a 16GB iPhone 4S unless Sprint gives me a discount, which I doubt.

  • Samuro says:

    Ive been wanting an iPhone for years and the 4s finally went down in price. At walmart its $90 and at bestbuy its $100. I have enough money to pay for it but my mom wont let me get it. And to make matters worse all my friends recently got one and my cousins just got one. my uncle was trying to convince my mom to let me get one if i pay for it but she still wont change her mind. Also im very responsible. I have straight As except for a B in PE i have An A in English an A- in Algebra and Spanish and A+ in Science and Us history. Also i have straight As in citizenship. I dont get in trouble either. I honestly think there is no problem with me having one but my mom says i dont need it. Also i have an itouch 4thG for two years and its fine never lost it or anything its in perfect condition except for a few tiny unnoticable scratches on the screen. Honestly what do you think?

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