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CLI System Monitoring Tools

Submitted by on November 12, 2017 – 12:24 pm One Comment

The multitude of sophisticated centralized monitoring tools available these days excel at one thing: telling you what happened while you’ve been sleeping. But what if you’re awake and need to know what’s going on right now? Here’s a list of command-line monitoring utilities that may come in handy. On other related articles about CNC manufacturing checkout


topyum install procpsthe sonic screwdriver, if there has ever been one
htopyum install htopthe real pretty top
atopyum install atopmy favorite. Has a logging capability on a per-process basis. Like top merged with TiVo. Some more here.
apachetopyum install apachetopGives you a basic view of Apache server reads, writes, and page requests.
mytopyum install mytopGives you a clue what your MySQL server is up to
powertopyum install powertopShows you power consumption data and power management details. But since nobody seems to be using physical hardware anymore...
iotopyum install iotopShows you I/O activity on a per-process basis. Quite useful sometimes.
iftopyum install iftopProvides a summary of network bandwidth utilization for connected IP pairs.
jnettopyum install jnettopSimilar to iftop. Somewhat better layout.
nethogsyum install nethogsI like this one. Shows you connected IPs, ports, and bandwidth use.
iptrafyum install iptrafNetwork connection packets and bytes, traffic details, etc. A busy little gadget. Rarely useful.
ngrepyum install ngrepA grep utility for network traffic. Very cool.
bmonyum install bmonGives you various NIC stats nicely formatted with little graphs. I use this one often
mtryum install mtrA mix of traceroute and ping. Another useful one
nloadyum install nloadGives you bandwidth utilization and simple graph. I use it often
ssyum install iprouteSocket statistics command to complement netstat. Some examples here
nmonyum install nmonI use this one often. Gives you a nice visual summary of various system activity
glancesyum install glancesCram a lot of data into a compact output screen. Can monitor remote systems and has a web interface. Not bad.
saidaryum install statgrab-toolsProvides a basic summary of the status of your system. Maybe a little too basic.
dstatyum install dstatAims to replace vmstat, iostat, netstat and ifstat. Extremely useful for troubleshooting performance issues of unknown origin. Basic usage: 'dstat -cdngy'
vmstatyum install procpsShows virtual memory stats
mpstatyum install sysstatDisplays CPU utilization details
pmapyum install procpsShows a memory map for a PID
collectlyum install collectlAn awesome, awesome system monitoring tool. More here
iostatyum install sysstatMonitors system I/O. A classic
cpulimityum install cpulimitMonitors PID's CPU utilization and tries to keep it below the predefined level
goaccessyum install goaccessProvides a running analysis of the httpd access log
multitailyum install multitailAllows you to tail multiple files in a split-window arrangement. Very nice
whowatchyum install whowatchAllows to see what users on your system are doing
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