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WordPress 3.0.4 – the Return of the Custom Field Bug

Submitted by on January 31, 2011 – 4:20 pm 4 Comments

After upgrading to the latest stable WordPress version 3.0.4 I ran into an old issue I haven’t see for almost two years. Clicking “Publish” or “Save Draft” when writing a new post seems to remove some custom fields. If you re-add the custom field and click “Update”, the entry stays. But it goes away again once you use the “Save Draft” or “Publish”. Not yet sure what causes this, but the problem appears in multiple WordPress installations that don’t have much in common in terms of themes or plugins. For now my best advice is to avoid WP 3.0.4 until this problem has been resolved.

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  • Renato says:

    I have the same problem after updating to 3.0.4. Do you have more information on it?

  • admin says:

    I have not been able to link this issue to any of the plugins, so I think this is a problem with WordPress itself. You can try clearing cache and cookies in your browser. Also, disabling Google Gears – if you have it installed – is worth a try. In Settings -> Writing disabling XML-RPC is another thing to try. None of this helped in my case. The only thing I can do right now is publish an article, then re-open it for editing and add the custom “image” field and click “update” in the Custom Fields section (not “Update” button for the entire post).

  • kerrin marz says:

    Hi, What is the best free software to automatically backup wordpress database and files ? A software that is trustworthy and would not hack your password in wordpress. Have you tried it ? For How long ? Thanks…..

  • Jeff says:

    Hi, i have a free wordpress blog. I have added the widgets that come in the widget section. But how do i add widgets that are from third parties such as widgetbox?

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