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Windows Network Troubleshooting Script

Submitted by on January 20, 2010 – 10:15 pm 8 Comments

I try my best to stay away from Windows. I wish my clients did the same. The usual difficulty of troubleshooting elusive network performance problems is amplified many-fold when there is a Windows computer at the end of the line. With Unix it’s relatively simple: run tests “a”, “b”, “c”, etc and follow the familiar process of elimination. With Windows in the picture the number of steps uses up all of the English alphabet and spills over well into the Russian one. And when you finally reach step “я”, you have to pull out your Chinese dictionary.

Below is a simple but, as I found time and time again over the past few years, and extremely useful little batch script that collects important network performance information on the affected Windows system. The script does not require admin privileges and doesn’t make any changes to the system. Any Windows user can run it and send you the output. The information the script collects would help you quickly catch many common Windows networking issues.


@Echo OFF

for /f "tokens=1,2" %%u in ('date /t') do set d=%%v
for /f "tokens=1" %%u in ('time /t') do set t=%%u
if "%t:~1,1%"==":" set t=0%t%
set timestr=%d:~6,4%%d:~3,2%%d:~0,2%%t:~0,2%%t:~3,2%

set OUTFILE=C:Usernetprobe_%timestr%.txt

echo ---------------------------------------------------------  > %OUTFILE%
echo Email contents of this file to >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%

hostname >> %OUTFILE%
date /T  >> %OUTFILE%
time /T  >> %OUTFILE%

echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
echo IPCONFIG                                                  >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%

ipconfig /All >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%

echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
echo PING                                                      >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%

set TARGET=hostname_or_ip_of_target_server
ping -w 1000 -n 10 -l 512 %TARGET% >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%

echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
echo TRACERT                                                   >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%

tracert -w 512 %TARGET% >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%

echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
echo NETSTAT                                                   >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
netstat -a     >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
netstat -e     >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
netstat -p TCP >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
netstat -p UDP >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
netstat -p IP  >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
netstat -r     >> %OUTFILE%
echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
netstat -s     >> %OUTFILE%

echo --------------------------------------------------------- >> %OUTFILE%
notepad %OUTFILE%

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  • laxman says:


    thanx That vary nice script. check it on my pc after making some change.

  • Neiss says:

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  • soccermaster1 says:

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  • zigg3ns says:

    I was just wondering when using Linux through a wireless system if the packets can be sniffed like a windows system could?

  • isk8at818 says:

    Every time I turn off and on my computer running windows XP pro, my Windows system information says I have a different amount of ghz. Does anyone know what is wrong?

  • airdogspace2 says:

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  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    My laptop, which runs windows 7, suddenly won’t run most websites i go to.

    I use Internet Explorer and when i go to type a new website into the URL, it will try to load forever (has the swirling blue circle).
    The only websites that have succesfully loaded are Google, Youtube, Yahoo, and pretty much only search engines. (right now im on my family computer). Im not to good with computers but could someone PLEASE help me out? I don’t think it’s a virus, but could it? or what’s going on?

  • llb443 says:

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    I am contemplating A+ and Network+, but after studying the A+, it is a lot of stuff that I already know. Is it worth the money for the cert?

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