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Uninstalling Solaris 10 from a multi-boot system

Submitted by on November 27, 2005 – 2:39 am 5 Comments

Boot into one of the operating systems you would like to keep (i.e. Windows, Linux, etc.) and set its partition as “Active”. Reboot your system. If the system boots into the OS of your choice without going through the Solaris boot loader, then it is safe to remove or overwrite the Solaris partition.

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  • operating systems can either make or break your system that is why it is wise to choose a vey stable one.,.”

  • there are many different operating systems but of course i would still prefer to use linux for stability “”,

  • everydayGuitarist says:

    When my system boots my monitor flickers and sometimes my PC fails to boot telling me to insert the original windows xp disc to attempt a repair. If i restart my computer and i’m lucky, the PC survives the booting stage, and loads up xp then the flickering stops. But i still see faint lines on the display (like an interference or something). I’ve relocated my computer, plugged it directly to the power socket without my UPS, and i’ve also powered it up with the UPS without (plugging the UPS to the mains) all in the bid to check for any form of interference from the power supply or the UPS. Please help!

  • Benihana says:

    What is the difference between a system partition and boot partition?
    And what are some examples?

  • Kevin says:

    We have many old macines-pentium 1 to 4 and want to use it like diskless system/ or booting from a remote computer using its resources-RAM and Hard Disk. What is the eaasisest option and references to it as this will help in extending LAN. Suggest freewares for it.

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