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Tuesday Morning Rant

Submitted by on October 27, 2015 – 11:27 am

So I just got around to installing CentOS 7. What a pile of shit with bugs all over it. The installation GUI completely messed up network configuration. On the first try, the network config I entered for the first NIC did not get saved.

On the second try, what I entered for DNS #2 somehow became the gateway address and all fields from there and down got shifted. So just skip network configuration when installing: you’ll have to deal with it later anyway.

IPv6… For fuck’s sake, nobody uses it and nobody wants to use it. So just keep it in some dark corner of the optional software repo.

The encrypted OS filesystem – good in theory but utterly useless if you keep the stupid “rhgb quiet” option in the Grub config. How da fuck will you enter the encryption password if it tries to start in quiet mode? Red Hat and CentOS folks knew about this idiotic bug for over a year now. Just fucking fix it: it’s not complicated.

The Network Manager: why? What is this, Windows? Ubuntu? Maybe if it worked… But it doesn’t. It’s just annoying. Systemctl? If Solaris 10 told you to jump off of bridge…

Instead of conclusion: fuck this shit, I’m going back to 6 and staying there until the zit-faced teenagers working for Red Hat get their shit straight. With so many problem just with the basic install, one can only imagine the muddy depths that await beyond.

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