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Sun Java Desktop

Submitted by on December 21, 2005 – 8:07 pm 2 Comments

A few screenshots taken with Sun Java Desktop running under Solaris 10 on a SunBlade 2000 workstation, which also works great as a heated footstool when placed under your desk.

Sun Java Desktop

A general view of the desktop with a few shortcuts to applications I frequently use and a nice backdrop with car, which on my salary I can only hope to steal.

Sun Java Desktop

Here we have JEdit with some code, Firefox with a Yahoo page open, NetBackup XBP file restore interface, and a terminal windows with translucent background.

Sun Java Desktop

Another screenshot with some office productivity applications: StarOffice 7 word processor and spreadhseet application; Adobe Acrobat Reader; GIMP image editing application.

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  • SKATEskum says:

    Can anyone advice me on how to build a java executable file to be run on windows. I made a desktop application using netbeans. But dont know how to make it run on windows so i can distribute it..
    Plz advice..
    Thank u..

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