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RSync remote copy

Submitted by on November 19, 2005 – 10:35 pm

The following is an example of using rsync to perform a irectory copy between two hosts over the network.

1) rsync needs to be installed on source and destination nodes

2) both nodes need to be each other’s /etc/hosts

3) rsync needs to be in the basic PATH for default user’s (root’s shell); create a soft link for rsync in /usr/bin on both nodes to make sure that rsh finds it

//rsync -a –delete -v/


/usr/bin/rsync -a -v -u –delete root@hostname:/IETM /IETM


-a archive mode (recursive copy with timestamping)
-v verbose output
-u update only (don't overwrite newer files on target node)
--delete delete items not on

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