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Move USER to new primary group

Submitted by on November 19, 2005 – 10:41 pm One Comment

A sample process for moving a user to a new primary home group on Solaris.

1. in old user’s home dir.

tar cvf - `find . -print` > backup.tar
mkdir /home/users/${newgroup}/${username}
mv backup.tar /home/users/${newgroup}/${username}/
cd /home/users/${newgroup}/${username}/
tar -xvf backup.tar
find . -group ${oldgroup} -exec chgrp ${newgroup}{} ;
find . -type l -group ${oldgroup} -exec chgrp -h ${newgroup}{} ;
rm backup.tar

2. in /var/yp/maps on NIS master server

cp -p passwd bkups/passwd.DATE
vi passwd
update the primary group entry for USER
(don't forget to change the GID on the same line)
cd ..
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