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Configure Anonymous FTP on Solaris 10

Submitted by on August 25, 2013 – 2:30 pm

Below are basic steps for configuring anonymous FTP service on Solaris 10. Use with caution.

Create anonymous FTP user:

echo " ftp:x:123:1:Anonymous FTP:/ftphome/anon:/bin/true" >> /etc/passwd

Create home directory and sync with the shadow file:
mkdir -p /ftphome/anon; pwconv

Create anon FTP shell:
echo /bin/true >> /etc/shells

Set ownership and permissions:
chown -R root:other /ftphome/anon ; chmod 555 /ftphome/anon

Create public upload folder:
mkdir /ftphome/anon/pub ; chmod 777 /ftphome/anon/pub

Enable anonymous FTP access:
echo "upload /ftphome/anon /pub yes ftp other 0600 nodirs" >> /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess

Configure anonymous uploads directory:
/usr/sbin/ftpconfig /ftphome/anon/pub

Enable FTP and check on the status of FTP services:
inetadm -e ftp ; inetadm | grep ftp

Sample output:
root@nfsmaster# inetadm -e ftp ; inetadm | grep ftp
enabled   online         svc:/network/ftp:default


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