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Check if Solaris supports 64-bit applications

Submitted by on November 19, 2005 – 10:41 pm 4 Comments

How to determine if your installation of Solaris supports 64-bit applications.

isainfo -v


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  • Disrae says:

    1.what is RSS feeds?
    2.what is dot net framework?
    3.What is CVS?
    4.API and binaries are what ?
    5.Can we build an application for symbian phone with .NET ?
    6.What is a loader ?
    7.What is a launchpad ?
    8.What is the difference between a Kernel and OS ?
    9.Is UNIX is built into LINUX OS like DOS is in Windows ?
    10.Is UNIX is free like Linux ?
    11.Is there any FREE Nokia S60 themes creator available other than the one in the ?
    12.Is the MCSE certification is good ? I had completed the RHCT.
    13.In the server arena, which certification is good – Microsoft / Redhat / Solaris ?
    14.The storage format of both HDD and floppy are similar i.e., magnetic storage ?
    15.What is a SATA HDD?
    16.Is there any 64bit dual core or quad core processor avail or all processors with more than one core are having 64 bit?
    17.Why SQL is called as a language ? with C we can create a SQL but with SQL can we create any apps?
    18.How the optical mouse works ? Is it contain a low-powered CMOS camera ?

  • Tyler H says:

    I am not liking the direction Vista and Windows 7 are taking with abandoning software compatibility concerns. Every home user out there that switches to Vista has to give up their software. It seems like theft of a new kind. Make an operating system that is incompatible with software you purchased just a year ago. Weird. Time to head over to Mac or try this Solaris, I think.

  • John says:

    I need to test my software application on Solaris 8 for a backwards compatibility/regression test. Does anyone know where I can download a version of this software or purchase a copy? I need to do it this weekend, so eBay isn’t an option. I need to download and install it… Thanks!

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