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Basic Exceed configuration

Submitted by on November 22, 2005 – 11:22 pm 2 Comments

The following is a list of steps for basic configuration of Exceed to connect to Unix servers.

Click Start -> Programs -> Hummingbird Connectivity -> Exceed -> Xconfig

Xconfig window

Click Communication -> Configure -> Check "Host list file" -> Edit

Communication window

In the Notepad edit the xdmcp.txt file. Remove any empty lines. Enter names and IPs of the Unix servers in the following format:

# Fully-qualified DNS name
# IP address and server short name server1
# Server short name

The best way to list Unix servers is by using the fully-qualified domain name or the IP address if your workstation does not have access to DNS.

Save the xdmcp.txt file and close the Notepad. Click OK -> OK

In the Xconfig window click Screen Definition and select Window Mode – Single. Click OK and close the Xconfig window.

Window definition

Click Start -> Programs -> Hummingbird Connectivity -> Exceed -> XDMCP-Broadcast

Available Unix servers will show up in the host selection window as shown below.

Host selection window

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