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Remotely mount cdrom

Submitted by on November 19, 2005 – 10:39 pm 3 Comments

Here’s an example of how to mount a cdrom on Solaris from a remote ISO image via NFS.

share -F nfs -o ro,anon=0 /cdrom/cdrom0
mount -o ro server:/cdrom/cdrom0 /cdrom

if target server responds: RPC: Program not registered
/etc/init.d/nfs.server start


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  • Lasagna delivery guy says:

    Well, my cdrom drive is stuck and wont open, earlier when i tried to burn a cd or music i couldn’t do it from the dvd drive. But i was wondering if i could still burn movies using the dvd drive.

  • encyclopath says:

    i dont have a zune cdrom can i still be able to download zune software. i already tried but it said there was an error. plz help!

  • John says:

    Where can I download the CDROM version of the Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary to install on my electronic dictionary? Also if anyone knows how I do this, that would be great too!

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