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Great iPhone Apps

Submitted by on September 3, 2009 – 3:22 am 4 Comments

As the new year approaches, chances are, you’ve made a promise to yourself to get into shape or at least be more health conscious in 2015. Luckily, you can do so by taking advantage of your cell phone, computer, and other devices to get apps that are going to help you make good on your resolution this time. So we’ve compiled 20 of the best options out there for you to get up and moving. Check out the latest meticore reviews.

Intervals and Circuit Training

1. Power20


This is a 20-minute, full-body workout that can be customized to meet your needs and fitness abilities, while still being challenging. You will receive tips with each challenge through videos and infographics. Power20 costs $2.99, and is available for iOS.

2. Tabata Trainer


This is based on the 4-minute Tabata training method, and features pretty intense workouts. Use pre-loaded workouts, or customize your own. Enjoy voice feedback on all of the exercises so you know you are doing them right. This app costs $1.99, and is available for iOS. Find out the best dietary and training tips at

3. Seconds Pro


This is an interval timer that can be customized to create simple circuit workouts. This app has iPod integration, so you can assign your favorite playlists or songs to individual timer intervals. It costs $4.99, and is available for iOS.

4. SworkIt Pro


This bodyweight-based app for circuit training will help you isolate certain body parts to work on, and customize your workouts. There are 12 pre-loaded workouts for anyone to use, no matter what your fitness level. This app costs $.99, and is available for iOS and Android. This is how fit after 50 for men works.

Fitness, Strength and Health Protection

5. Gain Fitness


This is a personal trainer app that has over 1,300 exercises, HD motion images, and voice commands. You tell the app your fitness goals, and it provides you with the routines that will help you meet those goals that use the equipment you already have. Gain Firness is free, and available for iOS. Improve your results by using these nutrisystem coupons.

6. Fitness Fast


You can choose from pre-loaded or customized workouts that target key muscle groups. You can take photos of yourself, log them, and then watch your progress. You will have detailed charts that graph reps, sets, weight loss, calories burned, and more. FitnessFast costs $.99, and is available for iOS.

7. Cody


This free for iOS app lets you join a fitness community where you can learn new workouts and share some with others, while gaining some tips for yourself in return. You will meet new friends, and follow old ones with their own workout progress.

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  • I purchased this portable navigator before a long trip into areas I had never visited before. I was somewhat concerned because at least one of my destinations was in a semi-remote rural area, but the navigator got me there with no difficulty. It was also wonderful to have the bluetooth recognize my cell phone and work flawlessly. I love it!!

  • Kristian says:

    I just got a Virgin mobile phone, it’s the samsung intercept. Help please. I want great medical apps or access to Good ones, like or close to iphone apps . Thank you very much!

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    Is there an fast and free way to learn Japanese online and what are some good Japanese learning iPhone apps for a dude that does not know a word of Japanese

  • hank baseballs says:

    I just got a iphone 4 from sprint it was free lol so thats why i got it . Do anyone know a app i can download to get free music or something to download on the computer to get free music? I would rather it be on my phone though cause im on the move a lot.

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